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How we make the earth smart

Deep Water Environmental Kit provides an invaluable tool for companies and researchers looking for ways to monitor environmental conditions in some of the most challenging sites across the world.

Libelium-Aridea Deep Water Environmental Kit allow customers to accurately monitor water...

Offshore Environmental Kit provides an invaluable tool for companies and researchers looking for ways to monitor environmental conditions in some of the most challenging sites across the world. The list of parameters measured by this kit are (pH, Conductivity, Turbidity, Dissolved Oxygen, Redox...

Aridea’s Underwater Sensor Assembly Kit offers patented technology to allow researchers and scientists a portable platform to measure sediment build up with sub-millimeter accuracy. The Underwater Sensor Assembly Kit also has mounting options for many other sensor options to collect ambient...

Terralytix Chlorophyll/Algae Kit select harmful algae blooms sooner equipped with the only chlorophyll sensor designed for maximum stability at low detection limits. The Chlorophyll a sensor uses In-Situ’s patented Integrated Optical Compensation technology to reduce drift and improve accuracy...

Terrayltix Crude Oil and Refined Fuels offers detection of crude oil and refined fuels is water including natural aquatic environments such as oceans, estuaries, rivers, lakes, and groundwater. The sensors is equipped with a highly efficient power management platform, robust construction, and...

Terrayltix Smart Aquaculture Kit is equipped with multiple sensors to improve and simplify remote water quality monitoring. Experts list a large number of parameters that must be taken into account in order to favor aquaculture productivity. The pH and dissolved oxygen levels are some to...

Smart Earth

Beyond smart phones, smart cars and smart cities

With manual data gathering, manual data entry and human error, environmental compliance becomes expensive. Aridea Solutions will reduce these costs by as much as 2 man hours per measurement, per cycle and provide real-time data anywhere in the world.

Monitoring water quality is a major part of environmental compliance. By monitoring various characteristics of water outflows, state and federal agencies are assured that no dangerous contaminants are reaching public watersheds.

In order to stay in compliance with federal and state regulations, air quality monitoring is fundamentally important. Agencies monitor both primary and secondary air contamination.

Monitoring weather can have a tremendous impact on operations and ultimately compliance. Sudden storms, flash floods or damaging winds can wreak havoc. The quicker the right person is alerted to these situations, the quicker a response can be executed and the less damage is done.

The Terralytix Platform

Developed by Aridea Solutions

Founded in 2014, Aridea Solutions has developed the Terralyix Platform to accomplish this goal.


The Terralytix Edge Buoy and monitoring platform prove to be a valuable tool in early warning systems for source water protection.

Throughout the US streams, rivers, and lakes serve as the majority sources of drinking water, referred to as source water. Determining the quality of this...

The primary function of private/non-profit watershed groups is to implement projects that improve water quality.  Assistance is given to local watershed groups, private citizens, and municipalities to accomplish a variety of tasks. Educational workshops, field days, monitoring and treatment...

No matter how big a government is, it still needs help.

Aridea Environmental Monitoring can assist local, state and even the federal government with projects that can benefit from state-of-the-art remote environmental monitoring to provide real-time...

When universities get grants for a study, those spearheading the research want data.

“The more data the better,” most academics will tell you. “If you don’t have a good set of data, you can’t observe changes to know exactly what’s happening.”

Aridea Environmental Monitoring can...

You think it’s difficult and time-consuming to take care of your backyard garden? Imagine having to oversee a large commercial farming operation.

Instead of a row of corn to water and feed, imagine 100 acres or more. In addition to several other acres of different crops that might require...

Any Internet Connection

Using Internet of Things Technologies

The Terralytix Platform is optimized to use as little electricity and bandwidth as possible. With any Internet connection, it will be able to transmit data.

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