Geokon was founded in 1979, in NH, USA, and manufactures a wide range of geotechnical, and structural monitoring, instrumentation which are used primarily for monitoring the stability of civil and mining structures such as dams, tunnels, mines, foundations, piles, embankments, retaining walls, slopes, underground powerhouses, bridges, pipelines, shafts, excavations, tiebacks, nuclear waste repositories, ground water remediation schemes and the like.

In particular, Geokon, through innovation and experience, has developed a line of vibrating wire sensors unsurpassed anywhere in the world. These highly reliable devices have contributed in no small way to the worldwide acceptance of vibrating wire as the most suitable technology for long term monitoring in the harshest of environments. Our range of instruments include extensometers, piezometers, strain gages, crackmeters, load cells, settlement sensors, pressure cells, inclinometers and dataloggers and many custom items made to order.