Smart Parking

Track Indoor and Outdoor Parking 

Tracking parking spots with 99% accuracy with the Libelium Smart Parking system.  Using radar and magnetic detection technology, Libeliums Smart Parking is one of the most accurate systems available.  An IP68 rating means it is not affected by dirt, dust, rain, snow, or oil spills, and can be mounted on surface, semi-underground, or flush (full underground with top exposed).   Reduce parking violations, noise and air pollution, increase parking revenue, and improve mobility.


  • Continuous monitoring: 24/7, 365 days per year
  • Adjustable data rate (15-30 minutes standard)
  • 99% accuracy with radar and magnetic detection technology
  • Surface, semi-buried, and flush (fully burried with top exposed) installation options
  • IP68 weatherproof
  • LoRaWAN wireless data connectivity
  • 10.2 Ah internal Li-SOCl2 battery
  • 1-Year standard warranty


Data you collect is yours- private and secure.  Aridea has no access to the data your monitoring system collects.  We can help you to send to your own server or to send to a 3rd party data dashboard provider, including one of our preferred partners.

More Information

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