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Source Water Protection - Early Warning System

The Terralytix Edge Buoy and monitoring platform prove to be a valuable tool in early warning systems for source water protection.

Throughout the US streams, rivers, and lakes serve as the majority sources of drinking water, referred to as source water. Determining the quality of this precious resource is now at the forefront of federal, state and local agency agendas.

Friends of the Cheat Collects More Accurate Data to Improve Watershed Management

The primary function of private/non-profit watershed groups is to implement projects that improve water quality.  Assistance is given to local watershed groups, private citizens, and municipalities to accomplish a variety of tasks. Educational workshops, field days, monitoring and treatment activities are conducted in order to emphasize the importance of, and to improve water resources. A key component to carrying out watershed projects is to maintain partnerships with other groups and agencies.

Aridea Environmental Monitoring understands that this work is crucial in helping to maintain clean, safe waterways throughout the country.

Environmental Monitoring for Government

No matter how big a government is, it still needs help.

Aridea Environmental Monitoring can assist local, state and even the federal government with projects that can benefit from state-of-the-art remote environmental monitoring to provide real-time data monitoring.

“The biggest and most obvious way we can help government agencies is by providing monitoring services for them rather than having a $200-per-hour contractor doing it,” said B.J. Evans, Aridea Environmental Monitoring’s co-founder and managing partner.

Take mining, for example.

After a mine is closed, state and federal agencies still must monitor the site for water and soil quality issues.

Environmental Monitoring for Academia

When universities get grants for a study, those spearheading the research want data.

“The more data the better,” most academics will tell you. “If you don’t have a good set of data, you can’t observe changes to know exactly what’s happening.”

Aridea Environmental Monitoring can help with environmental studies to collect all of the data the project needs with state-of-the-art remote environmental monitoring. Aridea Environmental Monitoring provides real-time and archived data, whether researches are observing naturally occurring phenomenon or those that are impacted by humans.

Environmental Monitoring for Agriculture

You think it’s difficult and time-consuming to take care of your backyard garden? Imagine having to oversee a large commercial farming operation.

Instead of a row of corn to water and feed, imagine 100 acres or more. In addition to several other acres of different crops that might require different types of care.

Aridea Environmental Monitoring can help a commercial farm with some tasks so workers can spend time on other things. With the state-of-the-art remote Terralytix Platform, Aridea Environmental Monitoring provides real-time environmental monitoring for farms that allow the operators to efficiently monitor data across the entire facility.