Alpha Natural Resources Saves Money and Improves Monitoring

Water is one of the most precious commodities on earth. It is vital to our health, our communities, and our environment and it should be valued and protected. Aridea Solutions understands this entirely, and that is why we pride ourselves in remote water quality monitoring.

Aridea Solutions teamed up with Alpha Natural Resources to explore the ways that automated and continuous monitoring, via our Terralytix Platform, performs versus manual water sampling. By using Aridea’s real-time monitoring to continuously measure and report water quality conditions of rivers, streams, and outfalls in remote locations Alpha Natural Resources is better able to track existing water quality conditions, and any variations in them, on an ongoing, real-time basis.

“I completely recommend this company for remote water quality monitoring. They take real time data to a whole new level” Kristi Jeffery-Crist, Environmental Engineer, formerly of Alpha Natural Resources

With this solution, our customer received an immediate and graphical representation of the water chemistry and made better decisions on effective water treatment. Alpha Natural Resources has now been able to coordinate several real-time events to determine if the events were temporary, natural events or if they were true chemical imbalances where additives needed to be deployed.

The use of our Terralytix Platform to retrieve more accurate data sets allowed for more accurate, data driven decisions. These information driven decisions allowed for a significant reduction in the amount of chemical agents being used in the water treatment process and a more balanced overall water chemistry. Thanks to Aridea Solutions, the customer was able to realize a significant cost savings and manpower reduction while also continuing to comply with federal and state regulatory agencies.

Simply put, we can connect to and deliver data from any industrial protocol sensor.