Aridea Solutions Air Quality Study Provides Saving for Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation

Local air quality has a major influence on how we live and breathe. Just like the weather, it can become different from day to day or even hour to hour. Concern over air quality makes it more important than ever to measure and assess air in real-time in order to maintain public health and environmental compliance.

On October 6th, Aridea Solutions began installing the necessary hardware for an ongoing 30-day study of hydrogen sulfide concentrations, along with real-time weather data monitoring for Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation. This turnkey monitoring solution included monitoring for hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from 0 to 200ppmm in four perimeter locations and a centralized weather station that monitors air temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, rainfall, wind speed and wind direction.

“The solution delivered by Aridea Solutions was flexible and represented significant savings over traditional air quality monitoring techniques in remote locations.” Randy Spencer, Director of EHS, Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation.

Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation has been able to use the detailed hydrogen sulfide concentrations data in correlation with simultaneous weather events to aid in isolating possible leaks and adhere to environmental compliance. As a result of Aridea Solutions’ custom installation, Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation was also able to overlay weather data into detailed reports with the provided information.  Aridea Solutions remotely monitored the health of the hardware and was able to complete the study at the active gas compressor station over the 30-day period, resulting in significant savings when compared to other traditional air quality monitoring approaches.

Simply put, we can connect to and deliver data from any industrial protocol sensor.