Environmental Monitoring for Agriculture

You think it’s difficult and time-consuming to take care of your backyard garden? Imagine having to oversee a large commercial farming operation.

Instead of a row of corn to water and feed, imagine 100 acres or more. In addition to several other acres of different crops that might require different types of care.

Aridea Environmental Monitoring can help a commercial farm with some tasks so workers can spend time on other things. With the state-of-the-art remote Terralytix Platform, Aridea Environmental Monitoring provides real-time environmental monitoring for farms that allow the operators to efficiently monitor data across the entire facility.

“We have the ability to monitor things like soil moisture and soil quality in real time,” said B.J. Evans, co-founder and managing director of Ariea Environmental Monitoring. “The Terralytix Platform can help a farm monitor these things over the entire site. We can monitor how much water the plants have, what the pH level of the soil is.

“And, we can help a farm save money. With our Terralytix Platform archiving this data, a farmer can analyze it and know where he needs to irrigate more or less. He also can see where he needs to use more or less fertilizer. He could save a tremendous amount of money on resources as well as on manpower.”

If a farm worker doesn’t have to manually check soil moisture and soil quality levels, he can spend his workday on other tasks.

“Our Terralytix Edge will wirelessly send data back to the Terralytix Portal,” Evans said. “We provide the hardware and the software, and we can connect to any industry standard sensor. The Terralytix Edge transmits the data via the Terralytix Transport that can talk up to 100 Terralytix Edge devices. The Terralytix Transport is connected to the Terralytix Portal data management system. It provides all of the real-time alerting and archiving.

“It ensures efficiency and compliance. It saves the farmers time and money, and it keeps them from having surprises.”

Evans said Ariea Environmental Monitoring even can help farmers monitor plant growth.

“We can put sensors on the crops,” he said. “Not every single plant or tree, mind you. But, we can monitor the entire crop, whether it’s corn, soybeans, even apple and orange orchards. We could do it as a sample of each crop to know how they’re doing. We can measure the growth rate and things like that.”

Like many industries, large commercial farming operations also have to watch water discharge and air pollution standards.

“Framers have certain environmental standards they have to follow,” Evans said. “The Terralytix Platform can monitor those for farmers as well.”

Evans said Ariea Environmental Monitoring was founded to automate the remote environmental monitoring and data collection for the mining industry. But the systems Ariea Environmental Monitoring uses can be adapted to monitor just about anything for a variety of industries, including farming.

He said Aridea Environmental Monitoring’s vision is to provide real-time environmental monitoring and data in difficult locations to offer affordable solutions for every industry that manages natural resources.

“This is a new concept for everybody,” he said. “It’s a huge opportunity.“