Environmental Monitoring for Landfills

Dealing with trash is a stinky job, but Aridea Environmental Monitoring makes the job of operating a landfill much easier.

With the state-of-the-art remote Terralytix Platform, Aridea Environmental Monitoring provides real-time data monitoring for landfills that allow the operators to efficiently watch methane and water levels across the entire facility.

As Aridea Environmental Monitoring co-founder and managing director B.J. Evans explained, landfills themselves create waste.

“Anytime you have a landfill, they have leachate wells,” he said. “Basically, you’re piling all of the trash into a hole. That trash emits gas as it decomposes. So, landfill operators put these wells into the stacks of waste to monitor it and allow it to out-gas the methane. The wells have flares on them to burn them off.

“Water also can get into the well column, either from the natural process of decomposition or simply from precipitation. And, the landfill operators have to do something about it.”

Aridea Environmental Monitoring can help the operator monitor the leachate well for methane discharge and for water buildup.

Landfills must be maintained following U.S. Environmental Protection Agency guidelines. In addition, state and local governments might have additional rules. These rules require the monitoring of water and air emissions.

That’s where Aridea Environmental Monitoring comes into play.

“Landfills are hundreds of acres,” Evans said. “It’s costly and physically challenging to get someone to check all of those wells. So, we have sensors that feed environmental data into the Terralytix Edge. It wirelessly sends data back to the operator. We provide the hardware and the software. We can connect to any industry standard sensor.

“Our system transmits the data back to the Terralytix Transport that can talk up to 100 of those Terralytix Edge devices. The Terralytix Transport is connected to our Cloud data management system, the Terralytix Portal. And that provides all of the real-time alerting and data for the engineers looking at the information.”

What that means is efficiency and compliance for landfill operators.

“It saves them time and money,” Evans said. “And, it keeps them from having surprises.”

With the time saved by having these monitoring functions done electronically, landfill operators can have their employees spend their workday focusing on other things to deliver better results.

Aridea Environmental Monitoring also can help monitor water discharge from the landfill site.

“A lot of landfills have water discharges,” Evans said. “Simple monitoring of the quality of water is a basic part of our solutions for many, many industries, including landfills.

“The same goes for air monitoring. Landfills have to have an air quality monitor. And, we can monitor the ground for soil quality to ensure contaminants haven’t escaped from the landfill.”

Evans said Aridea Environmental Monitoring was founded to automate the remote environmental monitoring and data collection for the mining industry. But the systems Aridea Environmental Monitoring uses can be adapted to monitor just about anything for a variety of industries.

He said Aridea Environmental Monitoring’s vision is to provide real-time environmental monitoring and data in difficult locations to offer affordable solutions for every industry that manages natural resources.

“This is a new concept for everybody,” he said. “It’s a huge opportunity.”