Friends of the Cheat Collects More Accurate Data to Improve Watershed Management

The primary function of private/non-profit watershed groups is to implement projects that improve water quality.  Assistance is given to local watershed groups, private citizens, and municipalities to accomplish a variety of tasks. Educational workshops, field days, monitoring and treatment activities are conducted in order to emphasize the importance of, and to improve water resources. A key component to carrying out watershed projects is to maintain partnerships with other groups and agencies.

Aridea Environmental Monitoring understands that this work is crucial in helping to maintain clean, safe waterways throughout the country.

Aridea Environmental Monitoring teamed up with Friends of the Cheat (FOC) to explore ways that the Terralytix Platform’s automated and continuous environmental monitoring technologies could assist them in their goal to protect the Cheat River watershed.

By teaming with In-Situ. Aridea Environmental Monitoring was able to assist FOC in acquiring the latest multi-parameter water quality sonde technology, the In-Situ AT-600. By implementing the latest in real-time environmental monitoring, FOC continuously measures and report water quality conditions of rivers and streams in remote locations. With this continuous monitoring FOC is better able to track existing water quality conditions, and any variations in them, on an ongoing, real-time basis.

“The addition of this advanced monitoring equipment has given us a whole new insight on the day to day changes occurring in our watershed.” David Petry, Restoration Program Manager, Friends of the Cheat

With this solution, FOC receives highly accurate measurements of the water chemistry and can make better decisions on effective water treatment. FOC has now been able to coordinate several real-time events to determine if the events were temporary, natural events or if they were true chemical imbalances where additional treatments may need to be implemented.  

Simply put, Aridea Environmental Monitoring can connect to and deliver data from any industrial protocol sensor.