Richard Wilbur III

Richard Wilbur
Co-Founder and Chairman

Richard Wilbur knows what it takes to get a startup business up and running.

He started Advantage Technology 16 years ago in an extra spare bedroom in his house. Soon, his work ethic and cutting-edge ideas were drawing more and more work. The business kept growing, and it hasn’t stopped.

Today, Advantage Technology is the region’s largest IT company, providing services to more than 850 professional companies and organizations in West Virginia, Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama and Florida. It has provided support all over the eastern United States.

Wilbur primarily is a Senior Systems Engineer for Advantage Technology, specializing in designing enterprise data centers using virtualization, storage systems and the latest server architecture.

But Advantage Technology continues to grow, in part, because of Wilbur’s vision.

Wilbur also has empowered Advantage Technology’s growth through the development of workflow efficiencies that translate to customer satisfaction. He has mastered the art of profitability and growth by employing self-directed, self-motivated employees with high-level skillsets and providing them with an environment where they can reach their full potential.

The company has moved into other verticals. Today, Advantage Technology has dedicated server, telecommunication, software development and networking departments. When there is demand for a certain expertise, Wilbur wants someone on his team who can provide that.

That management style goes back to something Wilbur was told early on in his business career and follows still today: The most important thing to do is to find the best people you can and surround yourself with them.

Another key to Wilbur’s success is that he and his team work circles around everyone else. He says his people work harder and have learned to work smarter.

That approach also led to Wilbur seeing the potential with Aridea Solutions.

B.J. Evans approached Wilbur with the business plan, and he didn’t want someone else to get their hands on it. Wilbur said he had the people and the tools to make it work, and it was a perfect fit.

Wilbur is responsible for Aridea Solutions’ business decisions, relying heavily on the team of experts he has assembled. He says Aridea Solution’ is almost an extension of Advantage Technology.

And, he sees a bright future for Aridea Solutions as awareness of the business continues to grow.

As technology evolves, Wilbur sees that everyone and everything is going to be connected eventually. Anytime someone is told about what Aridea Solutions can provide, they say it’s the smartest thing they’ve ever heard. Soon, it will be the norm. And Aridea Solutions is on the ground floor.