Fever-Kit FAQ

What if my LED is stuck on green?

This could be due to the background behind the subject being warmer than room temperature (ie window, light, or office equipment). For best results face the sensor toward an interior wall that does not get direct sunlight. This situation is most prevalent when the room temperature is greater than 80 degrees.

Why does the LED flash yellow?

A yellow flashing LED is a low battery indicator. You should plug the unit into AC power for at least 6 hours to allow to fully charge.

What if my LED is stuck on red?

This is almost always a sign of a failed LED. Please contact support@aridea.com to speak to a support engineer.

Why does the LED stay yellow when I get scanned?

This is usually caused by the skin temperature being exposed to air colder than room temperature. We ask that the user acclimate to room temperature for a couple minutes and then try to scan again. Also ensure that there is not hair or clothing blocking the forehead when scanning.

Question: Instead of acclimation do you have any tips or advice on cold weather of winter time use?

Yes. Please see our page on Extreme Weather and Winter Tips