Pool Guardian

The Aridea Pool Guardian Pool Alarm System is the most advanced in-pool alarm system on the market.  It takes care of the basics, such as meeting the ASTM F2208 standard for inspection requirements.  It improves on existing designs with features such as the most responsive sensitivity adjustment available.  And, it provides new convenience such as WiFi based app control, giving you the ability to control your pool alarm system from anywhere your phone has a data connection!

Pool Guardian Pool Alarm System- App Controlled with Floating Unit and Indoor Alarm


Outdoor Unit, App Device View, App Notifications

MEETS ASTM STANDARD F2208 FOR INSPECTION REQUIREMENTS- The Pool Guardian In-Pool Alarm System includes 2 swappable/interchangeable units.   

The indoor unit acts as the "communication base," handling communication between your Wi-Fi network (and out to your app) and the outdoor (pool) unit.  The indoor unit also provides an audible alert when a surface disturbance is sensed by the outdoor unit. 

The outdoor unit provides an audible alert and sends an alert status to the indoor unit when a water surface disturbance is detected.

By designing a system where the indoor and outdoor units are interchangeable, you never have to wait on charging your equipment!

FULL CONTROL THROUGH THE FREE APP- Pool Guardian is setup, controlled, and monitored through the smartphone app.  Alarm notifications are sent through the app in addition to both the indoor and outdoor units audibly alerting when an alarm is detected.

App features and functionality includes:

  • Set the alarm activation threshold (alarm sensitivity)

  • Acknowledge and clear alarm notifications

  • Arm / Disarm the alarm system

  • Turn Bluetooth Mode On / Off

  • Turn Hibernate Mode On / Off

  • View battery and signal levels for the Indoor and Outdoor Units

  • Name your alarm system (useful for people with multiple systems)

  • Set your time zone

  • View the alarm notification timeline

  • Configure your profile information (name, username, Email, reset password)

  • Setup and configure new Aridea devices

  • Setup your location / organization (useful for users with multiple locations)

  • Invite additional users to access the alarm system

  • Adjust notification preferences

  • Adjust interface preferences

WiFi BASED - Pool Guardian connects over your existing home WiFi network (2.4 GHz). After initial setup you can monitor your pool through the app from anywhere in the world with data connectivity!

DESIGNED IN USA, RUGGED AND DEPENDABLE- Designed by Aridea Solutions in the US, a company with renowned expertise in water monitoring. From icy Alaskan seas to backyard pools, Aridea provides lasting water solutions.

EASY TO INSTALL, WORKS IN ANY POOL - Pool Guardian is easy to install with no modification to your pool required. Works with inground pools, above ground pools, spas, hot tubs, Jacuzzis, garden ponds, and water features.  *Place pool alarm away from water features and suction ports, tethering is suggested.

SWAPPABLE INDOOR AND OUTDOOR UNITS- Never leave your pool unmonitored because you have to charge batteries! Simply disarm the outdoor unit via the app and wake it up then when lights turn red press and hold the "swap" button until the lights turn solid teal blue.  The indoor and outdoor units will trade places.  Now dry the wet unit thoroughly and place on charge.

BLUETOOTH MUSIC - Use the pool unit as a Bluetooth speaker when you are swimming! (Note: Bluetooth mode turns off alarm.  Alarm automatically rearms after 5 minutes of no music and no motion or via the app's bluetooth switch).


  • (2) Swappable Floating Buoy Alarm (Interchangeable Indoor/Outdoor Units)
  • Micro-USB Charger Cable and AC Power Adapter ***Please use this charger, if for some reason you must use an alternate charger make sure it is a min. of 2.1 amps at 5 volts.
  • Suction Cup and Reflective Glow-In-The-Dark Tether (1 Meter)

This device is intended for monitoring purposes only and is not a substitute for pool supervision, lifeguards, fences, gates, pool covers, locks, or any other safety measures.  The Pool Guardian may not detect gradual entry into the water and is not intended to prevent drowning.

NOTE: Dependability of the Pool Guardian Pool Alarm System is predicated on a quality Wi-Fi connection.  The indoor unit must be within range of your Wi-Fi network. The outdoor (pool) unit must be able to connect to the indoor unit.