Pool Guardian

The new Aridea Pool Guardian is the most advanced pool alarm available today.  It takes care of the basics, such as meeting the ASTM F2208 standard for inspection requirements.  It improves on existing designs with features such as the most responsive sensitivity adjustment available.  And, it provides new convenience such as WiFi based app control!


Pool Guardian Pool Alarm System

App Controlled with Floating Unit and Indoor Alarms

A SMART WARNING SYSTEM FOR A SAFE POOL - The Pool Guardian system includes a remote (indoor/outdoor) alarm and pool unit alarm designed to alert when a person or pet falls into water.

APP CONTROLLED - Pool Guardian is setup controlled, and monitored through the smartphone app. Functions include arm/disarm, sensitivity adjustment, and diagnostics including status and battery level. App is a free download available for Android and iOS.

WiFi BASED - Pool Guardian connects over 2.4 GHz WiFi. After initial setup you can monitor your pool through the app from anywhere in the world with data connectivity!

RUGGED AND DEPENDABLE- American made by Aridea Solutions, a company with renowned expertise in water monitoring. From icy Alaskan seas to backyard pools, Aridea provides lasting water solutions.

WORKS IN ANY POOL - Pool Guardian floating pool alarm works with inground pools, above ground pools, spas, hot tubs, Jacuzzis, garden ponds, and water features. Suitable for constructed or temporary pools,

AUTO RE-ARM MODE - When disarmed so you can swim the Pool Guardian will rearm after a period of inactivity.

USE ANYWHERE - WiFi based smart connectivity allows access from anywhere in the world with data, via the free app

Aridea Pool Guardian Provisioning Setup


Will the pool alarm work while a removable pool cover is on?

The alarm will function with the pool cover on but we recommend to set to the most sensitive setting to negate the added friction introduced by the cover and the water surface. Also note that the outdoor alarm will also be slightly muted by the cover. We strongly recommend that you thoroughly test functionality when used with a cover, as pool cover styles and thickness vary, directly affecting sensitivity. 

Will this work in a large fish pond, or will the movement of the fish trip the alarm?

This would work but direct contact from the fish could cause false positives. You can adjust the sensitivity to try to reduce this. Also, you may try implementing a wire or mesh separation to eliminate direct contact of the Pool Guardian by the fish.

Is there a monthly subscription?

No, there is not.

Will this work in a 25 yard pool?

Our testing was in smaller pools but with the most sensitive setting will likely work, but will also increase your likelihood of false positives in a larger pool. We would recommend purchasing a single unit and testing with your specific pool, if the sensitivity setting does not produce the desired result, then you can purchase an additional unit.

Does this alarm need to be turned on & off manually depending on if we're in the pool or done swimming?

The Pool Guardian can be put into swim mode though the app before swimming. The Pool Guardian will remain in swim mode until it's algorithm detects that the pool is idle, then it will automatically re-engage the alarm.

How long does a charged battery last?

The alarm uses an advanced, low-powered IOT microcontroller, optimized for low power usage. Battery life can vary based on the sensitivity setting but generally runs 1-2 months between charges.

Why does my battery keep going dead every few days?

This is a bug that is induced when communication is marginal or intermittent between the inside unit and the pool unit. We are working on a firmware update that will better handle this scenario. As a workaround please ensure that your indoor unit is as close as practical to the pool unit. Also if you get an “offline” alert you can reset the pool unit and this many times will resolve.

*This device is intended for monitoring purposes only and is not a substitute for pool supervision, lifeguards, fences, gates, pool covers, locks, or any other safety measures. The Pool Guardian may not detect gradual entry into the water and is not intended to prevent drowning.