Visitor Kit

In the post COVID age, keeping track of visitors at your facility is more important than ever. The Aridea Visitor Kit was designed to replace traditional visitor log books. Visitors simply scan a pre-generated QR code and they are immediately issued a visitor badge and their access is logged. All visitor activity can be easily accessed for instant reporting anytime. The Aridea Visitor Kit accomplishes this by using leveraging IoT edge processing to ensure none of your data is exposed to the internet.


Key Features:

Sensor Probes
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Simple reporting
  • Portable
  • No IT support required
  • Industrial grade hardware
  • Simple reporting
  • Easily add a health questionnaire to your check-in process
  • Stored data can be accessed locally at any time for contact tracing
  • Easy local registration for unscheduled visitors


Q: How long are visitor logs stored?

A: Our device uses a 16GB SD card so over 10,000 visits can be stored. We use circular logging so years of logs will generally be maintained in most use cases.

Q: Can I also use this to keep track of my employees?

A: Yes. Although designed for visitor logging you can easily assign each employee a QR Code to keep track of each visit.